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Summer 2015

Well, finally it has arrived – the summer, with a diversity of offers to ensure plenty of events and activities. Throughout the spring and during the dark months of the winter we have tried to keep the spirits up by arranging parties, entertainment, outings, been active with Simon but in the back of our minds we have all been looking forward to lazy afternoons in the garden with a glass of Pimms or an ice lolly.

To create more quality time for staff and residents in the garden we decided to invest in a new care plan program. This to help the staff with their care documentation and paper work, spending less time carrying around folders and struggle with not finding a working pen etc. The new system is also for quality assurance, confirming all staff provides support as agreed between staff and residents.

This summer will have quite a few events lined up with our annual garden party for friends and families of Windlesham Manor one of them. The big day will be on the 23rd August and the theme of the day will be Mexican. Other events are dependent on the weather which will determine if we will have a BBQ or not. We managed to squeeze in a BBQ party between the showers on 5th June challenging the weather forecast. And we look forward for more to come!

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