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Brochure Design East Sussex

A well designed and printed brochure still has an important place in the 21st century, professionally designed print will help you stand out from your competition giving your customers a memorable informative printed item that fully represents your brand.

Brochure Design Package


Scroobius Design has worked with many clients on a range of brochures including corporate and company brochure, hotel brochures, and annual reports. The examples below cover a boutique hotel brochure in Alfriston, East Sussex, software marketing company from West Sussex and an investment company annual report based in London.

Before we start any design work Scroobius Design  will meet with you and together agree a Reverse Brief that forms the basis of the design work. There are often interesting approaches to consider such as brochure format, sizes or special print finishes  that will set your brochure apart.

Contact us to chat about your brochure requirements:

01892 654 333  |   0781 499 2268

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